Okay, I find this kind of offensive:

Not for any predictable reason, like, you know, talking about sex on TV or the ridiculousness of the scenario or even the fact that the attractive folks in bed are too covered up. (Though they are too covered up.)

No, I’m hating on it because the ad purports to be all ludicrous and naughty, but it ends with the number for a hotline that addresses the very problem discussed in the spot. So, as bizarre as it seems, the set-up leads to a logical conclusion. It is painfully literal. If this were an ad for pizza or hot wings or the latest in an unnecessarily long line of Swiffer products, I’d be much, much happier.

[via TheAwl]

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  1. [ tyler curtain ]

    At first, I thought that the young guy was rogering the older guy. I thought your post was going to be about intergenerational sex.


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