Antique sex toys sell for £3,600


Dildos: now in rosewood!Judging from my other posts today, spring has clearly sprung:

Two sex toys thought to be more than 200 years old fetched £3,600 at a sale.

The wooden phalluses – one measuring 10 inches and the other 11 inches – were bought by an anonymous bidder at an auction in Brentwood, Essex.

Staff at Brentwood Antiques Auction described the sex toys as ”extraordinary and exceptionally rare” and said they were probably French and dated back to the late 1700s.

”You might laugh but it’s a good opportunity for investment,” auctioneer Wendy Wood told bidders. ”You won’t see another one in a long time.”

[emphasis totes mine; via TheTelegraph]


29 thoughts on “Antique sex toys sell for £3,600

  1. Hmmmm…..What exactly do you do with a pair of antique dildos?

    I’m guessing the buyer won’t actually use them for their intended purpose. And I’m guessing that’s not exactly something one could set out on display like paintings or furniture.

    LOL, wouldn’t you be shocked to learn that your grandmother passed away and left you her coveted pair of antique dildos??


  2. “Not something one could set out on display?” Are you kidding? If I paid that much for a pair of antique dildos they’re going in a place of honor over the mantle. Even with the clear risk of getting featured in Lurid Digs.

    Perhaps this is why I live so close to the Castro.


  3. R

    I imagine they would be a part of some gay mans rotating collection that would make it’s way into the bedside storage when the rents’ came to visit.


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