Thailand, as it happens, is a country whose male-to-female transsexuals make up an unusually accomplished and accepted subculture. There are no legal sanctions against homosexual or transgendered lifestyles, and kathoeys, or drag queens, are everywhere. In the late 90’s, one of the country’s most popular celebrities was a cross-dressing kick boxer who kissed his opponents and wore lipstick in the ring. The second-highest-grossing Thai movie ever made, “Iron Ladies,” tells the (true) story of a transsexual volleyball team.

My boyfriend’s always wanted to go to Thailand, but I never had much interest in the place. But this article may have changed my opinion. I mean, any country that puts transsexual volleyball players on the big screen wins points in my book.

And yes, I’m reading the article to my dad and little brother as I go.

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