After co-writing and co-mounting two shows in New Orleans and working on an abominably large fundraiser in DC, I am many things:

I am alive.

I am happy to be home with Jonno, Lola, and the Hounds.

I am exhausted.

I am getting fat(ter).

I am too busy.

I am distracted.

I am finding it harder to say “no” than I would like.

I am rediscovering Evelyn Waugh.

I am enjoying the company of my mother and sister.

I am still truly madly deeply in love with my boyfriend.

I am glad to see the rain.

I am pleased to see our little garden grow.

I am overwhelmed by the work that still needs to be done on our house(s).

I am looking forward to a vacation.

I am overcaffienated.

I am in need of a good bath.

I am elated that the Pontani Sisters are performing tonight.

I am excited by the prospect of our next play.

I am still amused with the bright green faceplate on my Kyocera cell phone.

I am amazed that my late uncle was so well loved.

I am over people with little minds and big mouths.

I am ready to rip off my clothes and run naked in the streets.

I am tired of thinking about the details.

I am not ready to quit smoking, I am read to try a top rated vape pen though.

I am planning to make regular posts.

I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I am a collection of atoms and molecules that means certain things to certain people and nothing to others.

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