Well, I guess this is it. Almost, anyway. Tomorrow I’m going home for good.

Okay, technically speaking, I’m heading to Mississippi first, where I’ll take part in my brother’s wedding. (It’s brother #3, the one standing front-and-center in the photo on the left.) I’ll hang out with the family for a couple of days, maybe take the hounds up to the farm and let them run around, then drive to New Orleans on Monday. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll get into town, since the bridge from Slidell has sustained considerable damage, but I guess I’ll find a way.

I know it won’t feel like home just yet. I mean, hell, I haven’t been there for nearly two months. I’ve almost started to forget what it’s like, you know? I suppose nothing would seem like home after that long an absence….

But even after I work myself back into a routine, even after I can roll out of bed and walk to the coffee pot with my eyes closed tight, it’ll take a while for my neighborhood and the city in general to feel…comfortable. I know this, you know this, it’s nothing new. But it’s a little daunting, now that it’s right in front of me.

Still, there’s nowhere to go but forward. Bottom line: the city has changed, and we’ll just have to deal with that until we can fix it up like we want it. I figure it’s like everything else in life: if you think about it too much, you’ll freak out or fuck up. So I’m not thinking, I’m just doing.

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