A couple of months ago, I mentioned my sister’s newest Flash game, Rock and Roll Space Monkey. The premise is pretty simple: you are a rock and roll monkey. In space. And you shoot things–crazy, crazy things. Also: you play a lot of badass music that sounds like rock and roll. If this game does nothing else–and it does plenty, y’all—it demonstrates that Tiff knows how to work a theme in a TOTALLY AWESOME way.

Anyway, the game wasn’t really ready at the time, so I pulled the link. But now, the moment of truth has arrived, and people love it!

Then the theme song plays, and it’s the greatest theme song in the history of all mankind. I mean, look at how cool that monkey is. Just look at him! I’m not joking. There is no joke coming. He ranks right up there with Mr Fancy Pants in the list of top ten super sweet gaming protagonists. [BigMeanFlashGamer]

If you’re on a network that doesn’t filter content (as mine sadly does) then you can start playing it right now. Screw those end-of-year summaries and expense reports: rock out with your macaque out.

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