• has been doing far more microblogging than is actually necessary.

  • thinks Twitter may have killed his ability to think beyond 140 characters at a time.

  • wonders when nanoblogging will supplant microblogging.

  • thinks “microblogging” sounds kinda dirty, but says it anyway. ALL THE TIME, OBVS.

  • thinks that ALL CAPS is starting to feel very 2008.

  • is wondering when/if you’re going see Grenadine McGunkle. ‘Cause we’re not doing it next year, Mary.

  • wants absolutely nothing for xmas. Except possibly less stuff. One gift card for antimatter, please.

  • is going to spend this evening butching out with some 9-gauge wire and a blowtorch.

  • should have a rather nifty Carnival-related announcement to make very soon. Stay tuned.

  • wonders which of his friends who have threatened to visit during Carnival will actually follow-up. All of them, I hope.

  • has had Billy Joel stuck in his head for the past eight hours (“It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”). What the hell did I do?

  • needs a break. Not a vacation. Definitely not a holiday. A BREAK.

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