(NB: I’m publishing more frequently than my timestamps indicate, but thanks to some quirks in Blogger’s FTP system, my posts aren’t going up for hours–sometimes days. They are making me out to be more of a slacker than I already am.)

I’m still recovering from a very short, travel-heavy trip to NYC for xmas. (If you follow my Twitter feed, you already know what I’m talking about.) In the meantime, here are some news items that have piqued my interest:

1. Louisiana has two daddies (on one birth certificate): It ain’t the same as GLBT couples having the right to adopt, but it’s a step in the right direction:

The state of Louisiana must issue a birth certificate for a Shreveport-born toddler that includes both names of his adoptive parents — an unmarried same-sex couple — to honor the New York court decision that granted them custody of the boy in 2006, a federal judge has ruled. [more at]

2. Grey Gardens trailer leaked: The HBO-backed feature starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange won’t hit the air for another four months, but a bootleg copy of the trailer leaked out today. Maybe it’s viral, maybe it’s planned, but it looks surprisingly good:

[via Towleroad]

3. Daniel Craig human, also object of lust: Not only did the folks at INF capture Daniel Craig with a bag of Lay’s BBQ potato chips in his hand (my fave!), but they also got this unintentionally hilarious shot of Craig with Bravo’s bunburying bigwig, Andy Cohen:

For goddess’ sake, how do I caption that?

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