The Many Moods of Me: Wednesday Edition

Happy: A coalition of groups in the UK have launched an ad campaign for atheism and harmony. Which sounds like the sort of thing that will generate the opposite of harmony, but whatever: you gotta believe in something. [via BB]

* * * * *

Angry: Apparently, Rick Warren is semi-secretly the homophobic, right-wing douchebag I’d though he might be. Seriously, fuck him to death. [via TR]

* * * * *

Amused: Phoenix-based substitute preacher Matthew Stucky isn’t a douchebag at all:

“Hollywood has always had agendas they are trying to push and one of those major agendas is homosexuality is ok. It’s no big deal. Another one they are trying to push is ‘It’s ok for women to work.'”

That motherhumper’s just freakin’ NUTS.

* * * * *

Less amused: Video has emerged of James Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright getting arrested outside a Shreveport bar last summer. The charges are being dropped, and no one died, but mama please don’t let me get arrested north of I-10.

* * * * *

Intrigued: “Digital guru” Clay Shirkey has penned an interesting piece on the immediate future of media. On magazines, he has this to say:

The great advantage magazines have is glossy pictures. It’s better to read on paper than on the web but it’s much better to look at pictures on paper than on the net. Brides magazine is going to be the last one standing.

As for newspapers, he says that they’ll move to extremes of elitism–either totally elitist (with a specific, finely crafted voice) or totally populist (with content freely pulled from readers and others). Then, as if on cue, Su points me to, which is probably the single dumbest idea I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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  1. Ad Schuring

    I think it is a breath of fresh air, these signs on the UK buses. Good to see there are so many others, objecting to religion being shoved down your throat in public. Luckily the UK is far less God obsessed then the USA.Remember this all was started by a message on the busses that you will die in hell if you are not religious; nice to see that UK authorities agree that freedom of speech requires aproving an ad to the contrary , now shown on many more busses then the original message. That’ll teach them fanatics!


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