You have to hand it to the Alliance Defense Fund: they may be douchebags, but they are relentless douchebags.

Their latest legal endeavor (and waste of perfectly good taxpayer money) involves suing the City of New Orleans. In a nutshell, the ADF is mad about the city’s domestic partnership registry, which was instituted way back in the 1990s to facilitate the city’s efforts to provide health insurance to the partners of city employees. A couple of years ago, the ADF found six local dupes willing to stand up in court and whine that “the registry violates state laws against same-sex marriage and that local governments have no authority to govern such arrangements.” (Why did it take the ADF so long to file suit? Maybe the people of New Orleans are smarter and more tolerant than they thought.)

In 2005, the case was thrown out, with judges deciding that the plaintiffs had no standing to sue. The ADF appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court, which said, no, the six totally had standing, so the case went back to trial. The ADF recently asked for summary judgment in its favor; judge said “no”. The city asked for summary judgment in its favor; judge said “yes”. Oh yes she did. Over and done.

No word yet on whether the ADF will appeal again and send the case up to the Supremes, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Even though the registry is rarely used and little-known (Jonno and I have been together for nearly 12 years, and we’re not on it), it represents a chipping away at what the ADF likes to call “traditional marriage”. Between the Prop 8 backlash and the growing number of states moving toward marriage equality and the new, diverse, very non-traditional, very GLBT-friendly administration, the ADF is terrified of what the future holds. They’re pulling out all the stops in an effort to stop time.

After eight years of being on the defensive, bracing for failure, it’s nice to feel the tiniest bit optimistic (especially here, deep in the heart of a deeply red state). I won’t make it a habit, though.

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  1. Samson

    Obama actually issued a supportive press release on the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. He talked about how he wanted abortions to be few and all women to have great choices in their lives. I never drank the Kool-Aid, but man, so far it’s like breathing fresh air after eight years stuck in a latrine.


  2. bryan

    Jeff and I are going to be registered (sounds kinda like Mary and Joseph back in the day…) on our anniversary (our 18th) which is Groundhog’s Day. It’s so’s we can get a cheaper rate at the gym. That’s the gay equivalent of filing a joint tax return. Wanna be a bridesmaid? I’ll let you choose your own dress…well, at least the color…


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