Dear Zack Hudson:

What is it with you? Do you think local politics have gotten too blasé? Are you upset that Louisiana’s getting upstaged by Blagojewhatsisname and Larry Craig and Ted Stevens and the like? What, you don’t think David Vitter and Dollar Bill Jefferson generate enough raised eyebrows? Not satisfied with the sedate, curiously rational, less-dickish-than-you’d-think Bobby Jindal? You had to launch a campaign to draft XXX starlet Stormy Daniels for the U.S. senate?

I mean, sure, there’s room for humor in politics, and yes, we can certainly take a joke here in Louisiana. However, we can also take things very seriously when we want to, and let me tell you: David Vitter is no laughing matter. Not only has he caught a big ol’ case of Grade A Stupid, but he’s bound and determined to infect others. Frankly, after eight years of dumbass in the Oval Office, none of us are in the mood for it. Brains, please. Now.

Listen, you wanna do some good? Get out there and recruit someone else to get in the ring. How’s about John Breaux? He may not fuel your loins the way Ms. Daniels does, but maybe you should try thinking with your other head for a while. That alone is more than Vitter can do.

[thanks, Tyler]

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