• In the UK, Chris Bodle has put together an interesting public art project: based on climatological data and the estimated rise in sea levels, he’s projected high water lines onto buildings around Bristol. The effect is a little like post-K New Orleans–presumably minus that smell. You know what I’m talking about. [CreativeReview]
  • Would you care to see the single-worst application of Web 2.0 technology ever? Would you? Because I can show you. It’s the weather index at WDSU’s website: an assload of widgets thrown together on a page that looks nothing like the rest of the website. So basically, they’ve loaded up on crappy, gimmicky technology and smacked their brand all in one fell swoop. And don’t even get me started on the Helvetica vs. Arial issue. I mean, as if weren’t ugly enough. []
  • A trove of Civil War-era documents has found its way online. Many are restricted to members, but a lot of Lincoln’s presidential correspondence and speeches are being hosted for free at the Library of Congress. Another clutch of Confederate docs is en route to the Georgia state archives. Genealogy isn’t really my thing, but my mom ought to be interested and happy. []
  • The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology won’t be holding its annual conference in New Orleans, thanks to Governor Jindal’s ill-advised bit of legislated godliness, a.k.a. the Science Education Act. So where has the group decided to go instead? Utah. Yes, ladies and gents, we’re more eerily religious than MORMONS. Best of all? Jindal’s response to the cancellation, via his spokesmodel Kyle Plotkin. Said Plotkin: “That’s too bad”. []
  • Leave it to a dude from Louisiana to turn bacon into a lampshade. Awesome. [Flickr]
  • THIS IS SO NSFW, IT IS NOT FUNNY. And yet, I find it very funny: every so often, I skim through my Fleshbot news feeds–just for old times’ sake–and every so often I find something deeply disturbing. This is one of those times. [Tube8]
  • THIS IS ALSO NSFW: Awesome video, less awesome song, but worth a listen. Courtesy of my friend Ostia.

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  1. richard

    Sadly, it’s not Ostia’s music. However, OMG, I just figured out who it is–and it’s a friend of mine. Lemme see what I can come up with.


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