I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks: Gallup’s “What Alabamians and Iranians Have in Common”. Among the interesting statistics contained therein…

  • Egypt is the most religious country on the planet.

  • Estonia is the least religious country on the planet.

  • Only 25% of Frenchmen (and Frenchwomen) say that religion plays an important role in their daily lives.

  • In the U.S., Louisiana’s level of religious fervor compares favorably with that of Iraq.

  • The most religious states are almost all in the South. (And then there’s Oklahoma.)

  • The least religious states–like the least religious countries–almost all require parkas in the winter. (And then there’s Nevada.)

Among the countries not surveyed: China, Greenland, Iceland, Israel, and Lebanon. But I’m pretty sure we know where most of those stand.

[Thanks, Tyler]

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  1. Richard

    True–although they didn’t score as high as others. (They’re at the top of this list because it’s a comparison to the most religious U.S. states.) For the full list, click here


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