Par for the course: Jonno’s leading, I’m following

I’m back. We’re back. But only barely. As usual, the trip home turned into a 24-hour slog through security checkpoints, customs lines, and baggage claim areas. Though we were both exhausted by the time we reached the house, I only slept about four hours last night. Maybe I should take a couple of dolls this evening, just to ensure I wake up in this time zone.

Also: you may have heard that there was an earthquake in Italy. It hit yesterday morning, about four hours before we were set to head to the airport. I slept through it, though Jonno and I were awakened by car and building alarms that were probably set off by the tremors. His mom and aunt heard some unusual rumblings around that time, too, but I suppose they could’ve just been garbage trucks. All I know for sure is that we were very, very lucky.

Given my previous post, it’s probably obvious that I’m happy to be home. Even though I didn’t sleep long, I was happy to be in my own bed, with some dogs beside me. I have a lot of thoughts about the trip–about travel in general and about traveling with in-laws in particular–but I’ll save those for a day or two.

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