All in the Family Tree

Fact: I hated All in the Family. Hated. I never really got Maude (too young, I guess). The Jeffersons and Good Times were mildly amusing, but paled in comparison to other sitcoms–at least for me. Still, I knew they were all related, and Bea Arthur’s death yesterday spurred me to understand how.

I half-jokingly suggested to my friend Tina that I ought to consult a flowchart. Then I half-heartedly went in search of one, but couldn’t find anything. So I built one: an All in the Family tree. I really need to find other ways to occupy my Sunday mornings.

FYI: In case you’re curious, here are links to some of the shows listed in the graphic. Knock yourself out: Till Death Do Us Part (Till Death, In Sickness and in Health, The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf at Christmas, An Audience With Alf Garnett, It Stands To Reason – The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf); All in the Family (Archie’s Bunker’s Place, Gloria, 704 Hauser, All in the Family 20th Anniversary Special); Maude (Hanging In); Good Times; The Jeffersons (Checking In).

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