Minister Cleo Clariet and his fiancé Katherine Lane are shown singing on “The Kay Bain Show” in Tupelo, Mississippi in May or June of 2004.

And yet, so many people (who shall remain nameless) cast doubt on Mississippi’s contributions to American culture.

[via Newlin]

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  1. Cole

    This is fabulous. I never though about people eating sugar and rice for breakfast, the other name for Grape Nuts, nor about how there is no breakfast in christian heaven. Things to remember.


  2. Alexandra

    Transfixed, I was. Clearly Katherine is depressed by this notion that there will be no mo. I am totally bummed that we can’t leave comments on on the youtube site!


  3. Anonymous

    [ tyler curtain ]Your ignorance stupifes me. Light bread was a staple for decades before 1980 in the southern states. It refers to the type of yeast used which made it "light and fluffy' — Different from the European heavy breads/yeasts…Jeez, try GOOGLE before posting idiotic questions.


  4. richard

    @anonymous: If you weren't so intent on making disparaging remarks, you might've noted the sarcasm in Tyler's question. He wasn't asking what light bread was; he was simply saying that Katherine is fat. Also, sugar: I am as Southern as they come, and I have never heard of "light bread". Maybe you should write a book. Or better yet, have a couple of mint juleps and relax.


  5. Anonymous

    Well Richard, since you're so 'in tune' to the intent of the posts here; and find it necessary to dissect every one for it's hidden meaning I salute you and do apologize.One thing which amazes me is the FIANCE' reference. FWIW, they have had five children together and perhaps this is the reason she's so large and, BTW why the Caucasians will be the minority by 2050…For where one Minister Cleo Clariet surfaces 'rest assured' there are hundreds more waiting for their 15 Minutes of fame along with their multipe "Baby-Mamas."


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