There are two things on Planet Earth that make me cringe:

1. Anyone strumming an acoustic guitar beside a campfire.

2. Adults exploiting teen trends in an effort to look cool.

I’m lucky on that first one. Since I lost interest in the Boy Scouts, campfires have been mostly absent from my life. Not that I mind open fires, mind you; I just don’t appreciate the insects and people that are drawn to their flames.

I see the second almost every day: McDonald’s using Twitter. Cocoa Puffs on Facebook. Hip-hoperas. My feelings are pretty much summed up in that episode of The Simpsons, when the Itchy and Scratchy producers decide to add Poochie, the rapping dog, to the cast. Poor Poochie.

Given that, it might seem like you’d know where I’d stand on a videogame that’s based on Dante’s Inferno. However, I’m not sure you’d be right:

Yeah, I’d totally hit that.

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  1. [ tyler curtain ]

    First of all, let me say up front: I totally approve. This is awesome. Secondly, though–like Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the movie), Dante’s Inferno … well, I don’t recall Virgil with a scythe. And Dante with muscles and body armor? Um. No.But, again, I want to play. Excellent hellscape.


  2. Dwayne

    So I’ve been kind of following this since I saw an article for it in GameInformer. I was kind of skeptic at first, but after looking up more info it seems like a pretty cool and faithful interpretation. (minus the scythe wielding and hit point depleting aspects of course…) Rumors are flying about it being the first game in a trilogy. Supposedly the series is going to follow the entire Divine Comedy. Also to note: This is the second trailer you have posted on your blog that has told me to ‘Go to Hell’. ….I’m sensing a theme here.


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