Sexual liberation in the sixties turned the motion picture screen into an orgiastic playground, and most of Hollywood’s latest product turned Goldwyn off. His private screening of Blow-Up in 1966 was going just fine until the scene in which David Hemmings cavorts with a couple of young girls. “Oh God,” Goldwyn cried out, calling a stop to the screening; “this is a goddamned dirty picture!” Not long after that, Goldwyn complained to Billy Wilder that he had seen an even more disgusting disply [sic]–Hello, Dolly! Wilder was puzzled–not only because he could not imagine anything scurrilous in that harmless musical but also because Darryl Zanuck had not released it yet. Goldwyn insisted he knew what he saw, and it was one of the filthiest pictures he had ever seen. Wilder asked him to recite the plot. “Sam,” he interrupted upon hearing about the drug-taking and sex lives of three aspiring actresses, “I think you’re referring to Valley of the Dolls.” “That’s just what I said,” Goldwyn insisted. “Valley of the Hello Dollies.”

[Goldwyn: A Biography via Self-Styled Siren via the incomparable Jon Newlin]

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  1. [ tyler curtain ]

    If you do not make this the title of your next on-stage take-down mash-up, then you have wasted a gift given by the gods.


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