In other news: I need your help.

Revised: I need your help if you live in New Orleans and know of an apartment for rent that’ll accept dogs.

Backstory: my dear friend Jack and his invisible boyfriend–whom we call “Snuffy” for reasons obvious to anyone over 30–live in Murderville. This is not to be confused with Greater Murderville (aka New Orleans), but Murderville proper, the pulpy, gooey core of Greater Murderville.

Murderville, you might be surprised to know, is a dangerous place. I have no doubts about Jack or Snuffy or their ability to prevail should an incident come to fisticuffs. However: Jack is also a very talented actor (photo above!) and is playing the role of Lyon Burke in our upcoming production of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, which I believe I have mentioned before, and if Jack has to go to the hospital for a shiv wound, someone will have to replace him onstage. Yes: me. That cannot happen.

So please: spare me the trouble and Jack the pain and New Orleans theatregoers the exquisite torture and find Jack an apartment so he won’t get stabbed and the show can go on as planned, with no understudies or directors filling in at the very last minute.

Seriously: got a place? Know a place? Email me or leave a note in the comments.

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