More unintentional hilarity from David Vitter’s newsletter (which the technologically challenged senator still can’t manage to post online):


“Last month, Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor dropped by my office in Washington, DC, to discuss her participation in a program designed to educate children about making healthy life choices and avoiding the dangers of underage drinking. Misty and her teammate Kerri Walsh won gold medals in beach volleyball at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.” (Subtext: “PLEASE NOTE THAT SHE IS COMPLETELY CLOTHED AND THAT MY PENIS IS NOWHERE NEAR HER. IN FACT I HAVE COVERED IT WITH MY TIE TO PREVENT IT FROM SNEAKING OUT.”)

“As the first Hispanic and only the fourth woman nominated for the Supreme Court, Judge Sotomayor is certainly making hopeful and positive history. Now we must study her record and philosophy carefully to ensure that she understands the proper role of the judge as impartial umpire – not pitcher or catcher.” (Subtext: “I HAVE NEVER PLAYED BASEBALL IN MY LIFE. BUT I LOVED THAT MOVIE BASEKETBALL.”)

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