Here are a couple of shocking revelations:

Yeah, I know a lot of people are frustrated with the HRC–in fact many of my friends think the organization does nothing at all. People are also annoyed with Obama and his seeming lack of interest in pushing the gay agenda. (Did we ever decide what that is, BTW?) But as someone painfully familiar with lobbying, advocacy, and legislative process, I can say with certainty: things on Capitol Hill move slower than you think. MUCH SLOWER. Even resolutions commending blind, destitute war widows have to float through three committees and a couple of tablings before they finally come up for a vote–and even then, they may not pass by acclamation.

Full disclosure: I’m a patient person–possibly too patient–so I don’t really mind waiting for change. Also, as a white guy of a certain age and socio-economic status, I’m in a somewhat fortunate position, and I don’t need things to alter radically by tomorrow. In other words: although Obama and the HRC seem to move slowly, I’m built to handle it. Your results may vary.

More full disclosure: I’m completely appreciative of the noisy folks who are pushing and shoving for change. If there weren’t aggressive people on the front lines, that would leave ME at the front line, and then we’d never get anywhere. However, certain people at the vanguard should consider swigging a spoonful of reality: for the past 28 years–since GRID, and subsequently AIDS began the long, deadly trek across America in 1981–the LGBT community’s political progress has come in fits and starts. Today, it feels as if we’ve finally re-gained the momentum we lost way back then. I’m all for capitalizing on that and bringing everyone up to speed, but I’m not about to shoot the folks driving the bus.**

* I’m not a major HRC contributor by any stretch, and I don’t attend their annual fundraisers–which are too expensive by my estimation and too full of people who give me indigestion. But I do give, and I give regularly, and I’m happy to do it.

** Despite the bus reference, that was not meant to be an allusion to Speed.

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  1. Ryan

    I'm reasonably certain that the "gay agenda" is stored in a leather-bound day planner somewhere in West Hollywood. The only line item I know for sure is in there is brunch. ;)Always enjoy your posts, Richard.


  2. d

    oh thank god someone said it out loud. i feel the exact same way. i am not pissed at all about the progress on this front. which surprises me to no end. my straight friends are more upset about it than i am frankly. i guess, i'm just willing to be a little patient and see what happens. so far, he's kept most of his promises and if his campaign taught us anything, it's that he is a smart son-of-a-bitch and he plans everything. so. i'm willing to wait and see what his plan is. plus, i think he is the best shot we've had in a long time of actually furthering the 'gay agenda.' whatever that is.


  3. mrpeenee

    I almost completely agree, with the exception of the DOJ's briefing on DOMA, which was more enthusiastic and even homophobic than it needed to be. But mostly Obama is doing pretty much what I expected. A little more rhetoric wouldn't hurt, though.I'm more annoyed by a lack of congressional action; nothing from Obama matters unless new laws and regulations are put in place for him to sign.


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