Quick Question


What kind of hot is it when your air-conditioner keeps going out because it can’t keep both you and itself cool?

Also: what kind of hot is is when you can’t leave bananas on the kitchen counter because they rot in their peels?

Those aren’t riddles or knock-knock jokes or weak Match Game references: they are serious questions. Is there a word for that kind of heat–perhaps a scientific term? Because otherwise, I’m just left saying that it’s just damn hot, y’all.*

* Yes, I am reduced to talking about the weather. BECAUSE IT IS THAT HOT.

0 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Anonymous

    I know I may regret saying this but: we could use a little bit of summer up here in NYC. It's been rainy and 66 degrees for the last 5 weeks!!!


  2. carl

    Time for a visit to San Franci. High today was about 66 (only briefly), with a nice, cold, damp ocean breeze, and then a lovely fog in the late afternoon to make the outdoors a bit brisk…


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