Michael Jackson/Judy Garland: The Mind Reels


So yesterday, I had some thoughts, a series of thoughts, and they started like this: Michael Jackson was an object of fascination, speculation, derision, adoration, right? His luster had long since worn off here in the states, but he was HUGE in other parts of the world, like the Middle East. Somehow, and for some reason, people there “got” him. Or at least they liked him. They laughed at him less than we did.

Then another thought crossed my mind: what kind of news will be sacrificed so that CNN and MSNBC and FOX and everyone else can cover the final moments of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett? It’s great news for Mark Sanford. Not so great for Ed McMahon. And really not so great for the protesters in Iran. I mean, how are they supposed to stay above the fold when the King of Pop has been deposed?

Then, the third thought: what if Jackson’s death is the last straw? What if, six days from now, the Iranian police or the Basij militia approach the wrong group of people in just the wrong way, and that’s it: firestorm. Like Judy Garland’s death allegedly spawning the Stonewall Riots. Would that be enough? And if so, should we institute some kind of lottery for aging stars so that every so often, one is plucked out and killed, just to keep democracy and civil rights on track?

There’s a lot wrong with that train of thought–a lot. But there’s some meat on those bones, too. Maybe.

Anyway, given all that, I thought this clip–posted to YouTube via a Hungarian user who may or may not have Iranian roots–was particularly apt for today:

via TheAwl

0 thoughts on “Michael Jackson/Judy Garland: The Mind Reels

  1. jimbo

    I just saw a piece in the Huffington Post that mentions some of your ideas…that our minimal attention span drawn to MJ will cause Iran to be ignored for a crucial week. But it was definitely a blessing for Sandford…Your bridge to the Judy Event is an interesting idea…it's possible an MJ memorial gathering could be busted and pissed Iranians will start moonwalking all over the tyrants in power.


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