0 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Salty Miss Jill

    The feel-good movie of the fall!Soundtrack by Nick Cave. Pass the Prozac, please. Wonder if there'll ever be a film made of 'Blood Meridian'?


  2. jimbo

    While I loves my post-apocalypse, I thought the book went on and on…and I didn't like the ending either. That said I'm looking forward to some depressing greyness and a bag of popcorn!I wonder if they'll explain what happened, as in why everything burned. I don't think they ever explained that in the book.


  3. _

    I loved the book. Until the last 20 pages, which is about the time McCarthy realized that he'd written himself into a corner. It probably happened on a crisp spring afternoon while he was watching Oprah. Otherwise, that upbeat, "WE WILL REPOPULATE THE WORLD TOGETHER" ending doesn't make any sense at all.As far as the cause: no, he never explained it. However, it always seemed to me as if the book were set in the 60s, meaning whatever happened likely happened in the 50s–the time of all that duck-and-cover nuclear war hysteria. Which would also explain why buildings and trees and such were still standing, since they likely wouldn't be in the other possible scenario: a meteor strike. That said, I'm sure he meant for it to be vague.


  4. jonno

    Actually he does describe What Happened as "a long shear of light and then a series of low concussions" – which I thought was more evocative, and more horrifying, than any more detailed description could ever be. I was profoundly affected by the book, which I still can't shake nearly two years after reading it. Not looking forward to the film so much, though; the trailer is way too trailer-y, if you know what I mean.


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