Sexy, serious, sublime


Statements of fact:

1. This may be the worst painting I’ve ever seen. Or the best:

2. This may be the worst video I’ve ever seen. Or the best:

3. This is most definitely the best news I’ve had all day:

Three companies who run ads during Glenn Beck — NexisLexis-owned, Proctor & Gamble and Progressive Insurance — today distanced themselves from Beck. LexisNexis has pulled its advertising from Beck and says it has no plans to advertise on the program in the future. Both Proctor & Gamble and Progressive Insurance called the Beck advertising placements an error that they would correct.

The decision by the three companies comes as over 45,000 members call on advertisers to pull their ads from Glenn Beck after the controversial news host called President Obama a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people” on “Fox & Friends” last week.

“Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention,” said John Michaels, Senior Communications Manager at LexisNexis in an email to “We have suspended further advertising during Mr. Beck’s program.”

4. The fact that the genocide in Darfur continues is undeniably bad. The fact that people around the world (can) have a better understanding of it is undeniably good.

5. The fact that rape continues to be used in the service of terrorism in the Congo is bad. The fact that some men have been put through the same physical and emotional torture as hundreds of thousands of women is bad. The fact that someone is paying attention (now that men are the target of rapists, apparently), is…well, not good, but something just shy of good.

6. The fact that Sam — the koala that made me and many others happy back in February — has passed away, is very bad news, indeed.

0 thoughts on “Sexy, serious, sublime

  1. mrpeenee

    Just because you've bleached your hair and you're in a video does not make you Pink. Would Pink film a video in a 7-11 on Santa Monica? Actually, she probably would. But it would be way better than this.


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