Ask and ye shall receive


I asked for an explanation of this photo of Adam Lambert:

Constant Reader Jerome was kind enough to provide it:

Adam Lambert was making a special appearance at the Cass County, Iowa county fair, in-between the flower-arranging competition and the hog-calling contest. Then, again, perhaps he wasn’t really scheduled to perform; he might’ve just been late for one event or early for the other.

Anyway, little Morrie Stubbs (to differentiate from “big” Morrie Stubbs who passed last November after suffocating in the baler) was hired as a part-time gaffer for the “main stage” at the fair. Actually, the Cass county fairgrounds only has one stage that is basically plywood over some footed two by fours covered with Missy Evans’ old kitchen linoleum, but it sounds so much better calling it “main”. So Morrie, who has very close contact with sheep, has a bit of a fixation with eyelashes, being that sheep are renowned for that “come hither” look in many rural areas, and it is due to their beautiful eyelashes.

(Be still, my heart ! Could you even begin to resist this?!)

Anyway, Morrie immediately noticed Adam’s gorgeous eyelashes and walked over to him to comment on his wonderful eyes, asking him if anyone in his family was raising sheep. Adam had to explain that his lashes were due to a new product, a prescription drug that brings lashes to their lushest, bestest length. (Adam has a way with words.)

Morrie just had to take a closer look himself, and someone snapped the shot.

Unfortunately the encounter did not have a happy ending, because when Morrie continued his admiration of Lambert, he mistakenly told him that his eyes were prettier than those of any sheep he had ever seen. Lambert was not amused.

So we must remember, as Adam would say, “Entitlement is not sexy”.

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