20 things I am doing today


1. Napping.

2. Playing with the hounds — or, more specifically, tossing Tania‘s favorite toy, Mrs. Pigglesworth, down the hall. Repeatedly.
3. Watching Housemate Dave try to fix the clutch cable on his Vespa, arguing that drastic measures must be taken, and being shocked/awed when Bud suddenly solves the problem on his own.
4. More napping.
5. Getting a jump on next week’s writing. (Car blogging, like math, can be hard.)
6. Hammering out some new entries for the VERY NSFW Lurid Digs. (Apparently, the Usenet is awash in terrifying images of homosexual tablescapes.)
7. Catching up on a book project that I’m working on with friends. (More on that later.)
8. So, basically, a lot of writing.
9. Helping a friend find a job. (More on that later, too. You may be able to help: he’s smart and cute!)
10. Fixing a runny toilet. Or maybe Bud can do that, too.
11. Calling mom, dad, and bio-mom. Take a picture: I hate talking on the phone.
12. Straightening the house for Southern Decadence houseguests next weekend.
13. Eating too much.
15. Finding a costume to wear to said party. (We’re gay, it’s New Orleans, it’s a costume party.)
16. Finding something in the vein of finger food to bring to said party.
17. Attending the party in question.
18. Drinking my weight in beer at the party.
19. Passing out. (Hopefully not at the party
20. NOT EULOGIZING ANY PARTICULAR METEOROLOGICAL EVENT OR ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL. (Unless a certain mayor happens to meet his demise today. In which case, I might eulogize a little. And by “eulogize” I mean “slurp down body shots from the 12 cheapest strippers I can find on Bourbon Street.”)

0 thoughts on “20 things I am doing today

  1. mrpeenee

    While we're at it. Amen Sister for Lurid Digs, which I keep stumbling on, being amused by and then forgetting, so thanks for the link.


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