UPDATE: Dudes really WERE peeing on each other and stuff


So, yesterday I mentioned that the rough-and-tumble types employed by ArmorGroup North America in Kabul, Afghanistan were accused of engaging in frat-style hazing hijinks. (The thought of men eating potato chips from each other’s asscracks is one that will haunt me for some time. Not necessarily in a bad way.)

Alas, although the Mother Jones article claimed there were photos documenting these “atrocities”, I couldn’t find any myself. I am thrilled to report that other people were more fortunate in their Googling:

Those shots came from Gawker; I was pointed to others via our very own Gambit Weekly. (FYI, I’m liking the direction in which the new editor is taking things. Imagine the coverage on this five years ago. Go ahead, I dare you.)

Also there is also a video report, if you want the Nora Newsbag treatment:

My personal opinion: this grab-assery looks no worse than the shenanigans my Kappa Sig friends stirred up back at Millsaps. Okay, yes, I’m sure there were darker moments not captured on film, but have we really reached the point that hazing, horseplay, and other Barbara Kruger-esque, man-touching-man antics have no place in our lives? Where’s the fun in that? Sheesh.

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