A little link love — some safe, some not so much


I’m heading to the beach today — Fort Morgan, Alabama. It’s no Navarre, but it beats what we’ve got in Louisiana.

(NB: there is nothing sadder/funnier than seeing tourists who’ve come to New Orleans expecting beaches and are told the nearest ones are an hour to the east — and the good ones are two hours further. Grand Isle is a little closer than that, but…well, we don’t send people to Grand Isle for the beaches.)

I’ll be spending the weekend with my family (most of whom I dearly love) in a beach house owned by my dad’s best friend. In true Southern Baptist fashion, the men will stay at the house, while the women (including wives) will stay at a condo about a mile down the beach. Because the thought of potentially sexy co-ed vacationing is just too much to bear.

In the meantime, and on a thoroughly unrelated note, here are some links I’ve enjoyed the past few days and that I’ve been meaning to share. Enjoy ’em or ignore ’em: the ball’s in your court.

1. My fascination with Lord Gaga continues:

2. The Internet Manifesto contains many intriguing truisms, including “The Internet changes improves journalism” and “Links reward, citations adorn”. Discuss.

3. Reason #27 to love Andy Towle: he is as big a science nerd as I am. Possibly bigger:

4. Vegemite is delicious, but the company’s linking policy sucks. Also, it is laughable and ridiculous, therefore: Vegemite, Vegemite, Vegemite, Vegemite, Vegemite, Vegemite, Vegemite.

5. I’ve never heard of John G. Moebes, but apparently, he was kind of a genius:

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