Questions for Jack Mackenroth


So, tomorrow I’m interviewing Jack Mackenroth, who’s bringing his “Living Positive by Design” HIV/AIDS education campaign to New Orleans in conjunction with the annual NO/AIDS Task Force Walk. I know, it seems a little random to me, too — the interview, not his campaign or his visit to New Orleans — but his PR team reached out to me, and I thought, “Hey, what else have I got to do on a Saturday morning?” Plus it’s an excellent excuse to skip the gym. And also, he’s a cutie. Who doesn’t like cuties, right?

Only problem is, I haven’t followed his career as closely as perhaps I should’ve, nor am I what anyone would call a fashion expert. I mean, sure, I have my opinions, but left in a room full of Hagar slacks and Thom Browne chinos, there’s only a 50/50 chance I’m gonna know the difference.

So…any questions I ought to ask of the designer/model/activist/former Project Runway contestant? Well, apart from “How was Dale Levitski in the sack?”, which is obviously going to be the first thing out of my mouth. Drop me an email or leave me a comment, yo.

0 thoughts on “Questions for Jack Mackenroth

  1. Le Petit-Guignol

    "Deca? Test? Equipose? Do you do a longer 'cutting' cycle than 'bulking'? Black market from eastern Europe or from your doctor-or are we maintaining that we just have good genetics? Can you still blubber on camera like a wuss on cue? Do you compare notes on that with Glen Beck?"


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