I fail to see anything wrong with “strip hockey”…


…except, of course, that these guys are way too young for my tastes. But, you know, someone out there might enjoy the sight of naked and half-naked teens.

‘Strip hockey’ players punished in Idaho
By The Associated Press

Call it puck naked.

An Idaho junior hockey team was banished temporarily from a city ice rink after players engaged in a game of “strip hockey” — shedding a piece of uniform every time a practice shot missed its mark.

As redress for Wednesday’s incident, Boise forbid the Idaho Junior Steelheads team from using Idaho Ice World for four days; one 17-year-old player who shed his underwear briefly was suspended until next week. In addition, police are investigating, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Doug Holloway, Boise’s recreation superintendent, says rink employees told him the shootout drill went like this: “If they missed a shot, they had to take off a glove. If they missed another, they had to take off another glove. And so on, and so forth.”

— full story at NOLA.com

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