What halfwit mouth-breather greenlit this ad?


I know I say it every week, but I’m totally serious this time: the clip posted below may be the worst commercial ever. It is to the advertising world what The Cleveland Show is to Seth MacFarlane’s animation empire (which I mention only because I had the misfortune of watching that crap last night and OH GOD DOES IT CONTINUE TO SPREAD STANKNESS ACROSS THE LAND). Seriously, in a terrible contest, this ad and The Cleveland Show would be like those girls in Bring it On (and its numerous sequels) as they endeavored to outdo each other on the crap scale of craptacularosity:

I don’t need to explain, right?

0 thoughts on “What halfwit mouth-breather greenlit this ad?

  1. aka frank

    i totally bet you that the agency's creative director is somehow related to whomever shot the spot. And to think, world hunger still exists…


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