Well, this is depressing


Not only has the Times-Picayune run an alarming article on the rapid pace of climate change, but they’ve also posted it to NOLA.com — which means it’s been opened up to comments. And as much as I love New Orleans, I have to admit that we have some really, really stupid people living in south Louisiana. What’s worse: they’ve learned to type. After the second page of numbskullery, I had to close the tab. (There are five pages of comments in all. So far.)

Of course, I know that climate change denial takes place across the globe. On the network news, on Fox “news”, on talk radio, on websites, people refute volumes of university studies with Dan Brown-esque flimsy evidence that global warming is some kind of conspiracy. Of course, none of these knuckle-dragging, armchair meteorologists can explain why the world’s best scientific minds would collude on such a scheme — what they’d have to gain, what they’re trying to prove. These are the same people who’d like to see creationism and it’s slightly buffer cousin, intelligent design, taught in classrooms. Their agenda is solely political and solely laughable.

Look, I understand that science can be used as a weapon (cf. the American Psychiatric Association’s former categorization of homosexuality as a mental disorder), and I don’t claim that science is apolitical, but how can anyone — left, right, center, or libertarian — argue that pollution is a great thing? I mean, we all understand those “Your mother doesn’t work here” signs in breakrooms, right? Isn’t this the same thing on a slightly larger scale?

Damn, I think we need to bring that stereotypical-but effective crying American Indian back.*

* Is it just me, or does the narrarator in that spot sound a lot like Ken Nordine?

0 thoughts on “Well, this is depressing

  1. TJ

    The commenters on nola.com are proof that opposable thumbs are not required when typing. I imagine this story is a prime example, though I can't be sure because I couldn't get past the first page.


  2. Le Petit-Guignol

    Yes they have learned to type so they can express their big gulp sized opinions from their humble stations in life, that is the reason Jebus created Spell-check.Some of those comments seem so ridiculous it's kind of hard to imagine the dismal lives these creatures live.Speaking of delusional people from Louisiana, here's a bit of trivia- The "Crying Indian" in the commercials was actually Italian (and from Gueydan, Louisiana) He and his two brothers, who were also acting, changed their surname to "Cody" (from di Conti). Tony Cody then claimed to be part Cherokee and Cree. Even after the Times Pickaninny outed him as a dago in the mid ninties, he continued to claim his Indian heritage- he also continued to be a dead ringer for my Uncle Tony.


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