My life, in someone else’s email dialogue



No problem, XXXX, I’ll get these changes back to you asap.


[First clarifying question about project edits]

[Second clarifying question about project edits]

Let me know ASAP and I’ll get this back to you.




XXXX, did you see my questions? I need some clarification to what you’re looking for so I can get these back to you asap.



Sorry, I didn’t see your questions.

Yes, is it possible to get the blue a little bolder?

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0 thoughts on “My life, in someone else’s email dialogue

  1. richard

    oh, no reason, just try it? love there a challenge in theater and other art forms due to laziness?? like walking a trail, most would like to linger at the beginning/bottom of the trail with camera rather than reach another altitude.does that make a variance in reaching different directions — laziness, redundancy, complacency — is it that difficult to change altitude? does that explain a lot? is it a challenge being too much of a challenge? is it fear of space? is it lack of effort?


  2. richard

    Hmm. Not sure where your question comes from, but it's an interesting one. Yes, it's easy to become lazy, no matter what artistic medium you're working in. I've found two causes for it: (1) a lack of vision to see room for improvement, and (2) pandering to an audience.In our own theatre work, we've definitely figured out what sells, what amuses our audience, and we certainly pull out a few old tricks in every show. However, we also try to find new ways to amuse people — new scripts, new gags, new physical bits. Of course, we're in a slightly different situation: we clearly fall on the "entertainment" side of the art/entertainment spectrum. Our highest goal isn't to make art or make a political statement or anything, but to entertain. Which doesn't necessarily mean that we're given license to stop pushing boundaries, but you have to admit: what audiences love about comedy and entertainment in general is the thrill of the familiar.


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