Stock photography FAIL


Graphic design doesn’t make up a huge part of my daily activities, but when I have a project on my to-do list, it’s all-consuming. The biggest problem? Explaining to colleagues that, no, I can’t use that headshot posted to your Facebook profile because (a) it’s terrible and (b) it’s about 37 sizes too small. I’m waiting patiently for the day when the general population understands the difference between 72 dpi and 300 dpi — or, alternately, the day that graphic design goes the way of the stereopticon. (Guess which’ll come first!)

On occasion, I’m forced to dig for high-res images on services like iStockPhoto, which is interesting (because there’s a lot to choose from), but also frustrating (because so much of it is terrible). Thankfully, someone with nothing better to do has begun a small but important blog to document the worst of the lot: iStockHell. May it grow and prosper in 2010.

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