New TSA guidlines leak [UPDATED]


In case you missed it, the new, post-Nigerian-bomb-attempt TSA regulations have leaked to the interweb. They make me thankful that this odd-numbered Christmas was spent at my family’s place in Mississippi instead of at the bf’s homestead in NYC (which naturally requires a little airtime). To everyone on the tarmac: GOOD LUCK. And keep your hands where everyone can see them.

UPDATE #1: Although those directives were initially intended for U.S.-bound international flights, apparently they’re being applied to a number of domestic flights, too.  Um, yay?

UPDATE #2:  Ladies and gentlemen, our laps (and bladders) are free once more.

2 thoughts on “New TSA guidlines leak [UPDATED]

  1. jimbo

    Now that we've found out the problem lies with the whole background check of tagged potential troublemakers, I'm glad they're not gonna punish the travelling public like they still do when we have to take our frikkin' shoes off in security. I still curse every time I have to do that.


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