Daily gayness: Róisín Murphy’s new single, “Momma’s Place”, out January 18


I have to admit: parts of this new song from Róisín Murphy makes me cringe. The sound — the sound of the music, not her voice — is halfway between Billie Ray Martin/Electribe 101 and Cathy Dennis, which is, like, the most generic high-80s/low-90s club crap. Which in turn totally dates me.

On the other hand, I love Murphy’s voice regardless: smoky, nuanced, slightly morning-after. I just wish she’d stuck it out with Moloko a bit longer instead of launching a pop-starry career. It’s pretty clear where her strengths lie.

One thought on “Daily gayness: Róisín Murphy’s new single, “Momma’s Place”, out January 18

  1. malamapono

    happy new year to your household krewe.i agree – there are times like these songs where people continue to throw on bad wigs and say it works. it's no wonder one can't take crisis seriously — some would have me take garbage as serious matter.


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