Attention hipsters: PLEASE STOP


No, seriously: STOP IT. NOW.

We get it: you’re aging. You’re nostalgic. You hide behind the wacky and the whimsical. LULZ, etc.

Just buy some Rogaine and a Mustang like everybody else.

[via BoingBoing]

8 thoughts on “Attention hipsters: PLEASE STOP

  1. Mr. McGinnis

    I'm not sure what storm trooper strippers has to do with hipsters. Oh, and what IS a hipster, exactly? I didn't start hearing this term used to describe people non-ironically until around 2001-2 – so doesn't it refer to people under 30? And aren't YOU hip, Richard?


  2. richard

    A storm trooper stripper is the essence of hipsterdom. Like, if hipsters had a mascot, that would be it.That said, I can't really tell you what a "hipster" is — although like porn, I know it when I see it. And I am not it.


  3. Mr. McGinnis

    I always notice, especially in New York, everybody thinking everyone ELSE is a hipster, and that hipsters are irritating. Those people are ALWAYS thought of as hipsters as well by someone ELSE. You're wrong. Someone you don't know, seeing you walking down the street in a cute T-shirt thinks you are a hipster.When I left you all behind in N.O, people called people hipsters who were wearing clothes from the 50's. Hmph.


  4. [ tyler curtain ]

    LADY 1: Is that a boy or a girl? LADY 2: Is it a faggot? LADY 1: It's a dyke. LADY 2: No, it's a hippie. LADY 1: A communist? LADY 2: Perhaps it's a drag queen. LADY 1: Or a wash rag queen. LADY 2: It's probably a speed freak. LADY 1: Or a pothead. LADY 2: Or a muffin queen. LADY 1: Look at her. It's just a whore. LADY 2: Or maybe a golddigger. LADY 1: She's a hustler. LADY 2: Yeah, or some sort of intellectual. LADY 1: She's probably a rimmer. LADY 2: Hmmm. Maybe a speed freak. LADY 1: A chicken queen. LADY 2: Or a shrimp freak. LADY 1: But, but it could be a narc. LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe a beatnik. LADY 1: Or a junkie. LADY 2: Yes or an acid-head. LADY 1: Or a spade. LADY 2: Or just a gigolo. LADY 1: Just a flower child. LADY 2: Yeah, a shit-kicker. LADY 1: Or a red. LADY 2: Yeah, or a glamour girl. LADY 1: Maybe she's some just sort of snob. LADY 2: Maybe just some Polack. LADY 1: Or a warmonger. LADY 2: Yeah or an S&M queen. LADY 1: Oh, it's just a teenager LADY 2: Yeah, maybe it's one of those Hell's Angels. LADY 1: You think it's a baby butch? LADY 2: It could be a fag hag. LADY 1: Or maybe it's a b-girl. LADY 2: Yeah, or a closet queen. LADY 1: A hairhopper. LADY 2: Yeah, maybe a movie star. LADY 1: Well, she's a dropout of some sort. LADY 2: Yeah. What is that word? Uh, dingleberry. LADY 1: Or a draft dodger. LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe just a runaway. LADY 1: Or some sort of, you know, peacenik. LADY 2: Yeah, or a hooker. LADY 1: Or she's one of those Yippies. LADY 2: Mmmm. Maybe it's one of those jet-setters. LADY 1: But I'll bet it's just a whore. LADY 2: Yeah, or maybe a dinge queen. LADY 1: A rimmer. LADY 2: Yeah, or a size queen. LADY 1: A hustler. LADY 2: Oh, she makes me sick. LADY 1: Whore.


  5. shniffty

    dude, starwars strippers is nerd porn, not hipster porn…get it fucking right. i’m 23 years old and grew up on star wars, mel brooks, and monty python. i take extreme offense to the fact that you accuse me of being hipster simply for that fact. i dont walk around wearing tees of bands i’ve never heard of simply because it was on the rack at Hot topic or whatever fucking emo teenie bopper store your local mall has. I wear nirvana shirts cuz i remember them before the bitch courtney killed Kurt. I also have a monty python shirt sitting in my closet next to a salad fingers tee, for those that even REMEMBER that it came from before albino blacksheep was a twinkle in a douchebag’s eye. We are nerds, not hipsters. we do not wear fucking horn-rimmed glasses to look like a clark kent faggot wannabe, or dress in plaid shirts that are too tight to fit over an underarmor undershirt. we dont go to the gym to impress the ladies, we stun them with our trivia knowledge, and debate quantum physics and theology with 34-24-34 chicks with more degrees than times you’ve been laid. so back off…go watch your dance flicks and your james bond with daniel craig and forget the fact that Sean Connery liked his martini shaken, not stirred, ever since 1964…so go smoke another one, and hope your parents dont catch you. And next time you decide to rip on a stereotype, make sure you understand the significance of difference. nerds do not equal hipsters. your blog makes you sound like the love child of jessica simpson and dustin diamond.


  6. Richard

    @shniffty: Wow. You seem a little angry. So authentic. So real. George Lucas should be glad to have you on his team.

    You’re probably right: you probably are a nerd, not a hipster. But be advised: both groups spend a lot of time digging on STAR WARS.

    In the meantime, I will offer you the same piece of advice I would offer to that douchebag Sean Connery, were he ever to stop by: please fuck off and start a Tumblog.


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