I am dating myself, but…


…this song? The Roxy, 1990, surprise gifts in the bathroom, strobe lights, Linda Evangelista and possibly Tatjana Patitz cutting up on the swing above the dance floor, me asking the bartender for a gin and tonic, her replying that they were out of tonic, me saying, okay, make it a vodka tonic, her handing me a glass of ice and vodka, but I really didn’t care because holy freakin’ hell that shit from the bathroom was strong.

That’s what I’m saying about this song. Thanks (indirectly) to CTRL+W33D, I now know who made it so I guess I can relive the fun whenever I want. Which will probably not be often, but you never know.

P.S. If you go looking for it, the title of the song is “Acid Crash” by Tyree. Remember acid house, y’all?

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