People of Earth: please VOTE TODAY, especially if you live in New Orleans’ District C


1) Do you live in New Orleans?

2) If so, do you live in District C?

3) If so, did you know that Assessor Tom Arnold, who is running for City Council in District C, has been known to keep a gun in his office at the Algiers courthouse?

4) Did you know that Tom Arnold — who may or may not be stark raving bananas — was [supposedly seen] pointing that gun at his head after having a squabble with his wife?

5) Did you know that Tom Arnold has the worst campaign consultant ever? Because a talented consultant would never explain the aforementioned incident by saying, “Tom Arnold was not wielding a gun around the courthouse…. It was simply a disagreement between Mr. Arnold and his ex-wife, and it was a personal matter.” WHICH INVOLVED A GUN.

6) Did you know that Tom Arnold’s website features sentences, paragraphs, talking points, and beliefs borrowed from others? (Though technically, the blame for that falls to his site designer, Chip Quaglino, owner of Quaglino Advertising and Graphics, who recycled verbiage from previous campaigns he’d worked on with other candidates. Said the designer, “Sue me for not being overly creative or having time to sit down and do this.” And he’s got a point: surely it’s crazy to think that that someone who builds creative content for his own ad agency would be creative.)

7) Did you know that as of Wednesday, Tom Arnold still hadn’t bothered to file campaign finance records with the state Board of Ethics?

8) Did you know that Tom Arnold has a penchant for using police lights on his non-police vehicle when he’s late for a meeting, or possibly dinner?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, perhaps you should high-tail it to the nearest voting booth and ensure that the aforementioned motherfucker stays the hell off the New Orleans City Council.

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