My sister posts a new radio show: I HATE AUTO-TUNE!


Yes, that’s my sister (I make the same face; it’s genetic), and yes, she’s just posted a new radio show to Technically speaking it’s an anti-Auto-Tune set — a tirade against the digital technology that’s allowed frog-voiced famewhores like Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Paris Hilton, and Kim Zolciak try their hand at being professional song stylists. However, in the mix of all the delicious low-tech realness (and quirky personal stories), sis has also included a great Mardi Gras tune by Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias. Says Tiff:

Happy New Year! I am back with a new show – Episode 52 – I HATE AUTO TUNE MIX!! I had to let it be known how much auto tune grates me! We are living in a musical age that will sadly be known as the “AUTO TUNE YEARS”. My show is a sort of protest against the auto tune majority! So come join me and lets make this anti auto tune movement grow!! As always there’s killer trax to be had. Groovy Blues from Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon, and Otis Rush. Rock out with Dr Feelgood. Get in the spirit of Mardi Gras with Bo Dollis and The Wild Magnolias. And kinda a newish track from the Killer! Yep, 74 years old and he’s still got it! And LOADS MORE!!! Plus 2 boring stories from me! Enjoy!

Click here to view the track list and get down.

3 thoughts on “My sister posts a new radio show: I HATE AUTO-TUNE!

  1. Crazy Girl

    right? it's laughable how her pr machine tries to paint her as "edgy and rock and roll" she's about as edgy as debbie gibson in a tina turner wig! sadly i feel it will be a long time until popular music is good… as the major labels continue to follow no talent fetus and reality show rejects, instead of musicians…


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