2 thoughts on “Well, this is depressing

  1. Richard

    what's more depressing is being patient with a culture that has become so pathetic. to a point, digital caricatures are amusing and endearing, yet, when that is the flat limitations overall since gay men and women have deflated any sense of hospitality or life outside of a spartacus guide book — now that is depressing and pathetic.amusing site, but i'm just sayin' that also totally sucks ass. i think — all these years and people screaming about equality, then why are they hiding in the shadows….there is physical presentation beyond digital and i'm afraid that on average there has been no stepping up to the plate. and hrc, with their cheap ass representing of bad HBOring productions as any semblance of revolutionary consciousness while they're proffering or profiting antics that contradict their support of the laramie project — amazing how festive it can be removed from high maintenance queens sequestered in the shadows with make-up as dense as baby jane. anyhow, thanks for the other humor, yet, there are many things that suck ass and it's the average performance of a flaccid prune. cheers.


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