Am I a cold-hearted asshat for hating this piece of crap?


So yeah: this short film has been making the internet rounds. Me, I think it’s pretentious (shot in black and white, backed by a crescendo of strings), it’s predictable (oh, that was all a dream!), and it’s the most derivative thing I’ve seen all year. It’s like an over-long DeBeers commercial. As The Gays are fond of saying about theme parties: it’s been done before, and better.

But whatever: don’t just take a bitter queen’s word. Judge for yourself:

3 thoughts on “Am I a cold-hearted asshat for hating this piece of crap?

  1. malamapono

    am i cold-hearted for being convinced — removed from all the fluffy pictures and bloated prose — that gay men on average don't have balls any longer?? cold-hearted?? nah. for these mensch who can't step from beyond the curtain?? balls?? nah.


  2. Paul

    Imagine film school. Final exam. Student puts in every single technique and trick learned into one piece. He passes. Years later we see a first theatrical release. Voice overs by Vincent Price. Film makes money. Film school now adds his genre to curriculum. Shit perpetuates shit. Yup Yup


  3. Le Petit-Guignol

    Of COURSE it's pretentious- of course it looks like a debeers commercial- THATS the point. I love it because it is like something you would see on SNL or MadTV- AND the best part is that there is NO punchline. You are left feeling like you have been duped out of 4:41 min. of your life- and that is the BEST joke of all isn't it?….


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