Seacrest wins a point


Last night, I was catching up on the week’s stories (too busy to skim them as they happened), and I stumbled across this tiny telling morsel. I am not a huge fan of the one they call Seacrest, but this wins him a point in my book.*

Did Ryan Seacrest, 35, let down the fourth estate — or at least the fashion slice of it — when he failed to ask that question while interviewing many of the arriving celebrities on E!’s pre-Oscar show last Sunday?

Yes, according to the bloggerati, many of whom were dissing him even as the two-hour show “Live from the Red Carpet: The 2010 Academy Awards,” was being broadcast. “Come on, Seacrest, this is important info that we NEED!” whined the bloggers Jocelyn Vena and Lindsay Soll on MTV’s Hollywood Crush site after Mr. Seacrest neglected to dish gown specifics with Anna Kendrick and Mariah Carey….

The fashion designer Nicole Miller said she, too, was disappointed…. “It was almost like he wasn’t that interested in the designers,” Ms. Miller said. “He seemed more interested in the celebrities and their careers.”

[New York Times]

*Just kidding, I don’t keep a book. Who would? My old boss, that’s who. She used to keep a moleskin pad within arms reach everywhere she went. She’d write down appointments, witty phrases, addresses, and, yes, a running tally of people who’d pissed her off. I don’t have the energy or organizational skills to stay mad like that, but I applaud those who do.

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