Tonight and tomorrow at Le Chat Noir: HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX


I don’t know how I managed to forget about posting this until now, but better late, etc.

Anyway, if you’re in New Orleans, please join us tonight and/or tomorrow for HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX, featuring readings and performances by seven local authors and one stray Yankee. My friend, Blaise (aka the Yankee), has organized it, and based on the pieces I’ve read, it is going to be positively high-larious:
How I Learned About Sex

Writers & performers from New Orleans & New York explain
March 26 & 27, 2010 at 8pm • Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles

Seven New Orleans authors and performers join New York writer Blaise Allysen Kearsley for a hilarious, outrageous, touching evening of literature and music called HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX. From childhood stories of curiosity to adult tales of lovemaking gone very, very awry, audiences will reel through eight tales told from eight very different perspectives — male, female, straight, gay, young, and…less young. It’s blue enough to please the prurient, but silly enough for the straightlaced, too. Featured among the group: our own Dorian Rush and Jack Long!

HOW I LEARNED ABOUT SEX runs for two nights only: Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2010 at 8pm at Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.

  • Friday night’s performance will be a fundraiser for the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon. For tickets to Friday’s show only, please call 504 525 4498 or visit
  • For tickets to Saturday night’s show, please call Le Chat Noir at 504 581 5812, or visit Tickets are $21.

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