Mindy Cohn, I love you! (But that’s the problem, isn’t it?)


For a few hot minutes in the early 1980s, four young women ruled the pages of TV Guide. Sadly, they’re not seen too often these days. (Kind of like TV Guide.)

Nancy McKeon occasionally pops up in Lifetime-y movies of the week. Kim Fields had a sitcom or two, then succumbed to a very bad weave and started doing cash advance commercials. Lisa Whelchel became very godly and fell in with the scrapbooking crowd. And Mindy Cohn? Well, we hadn’t heard much from Mindy at all.

Until now.

Apparently, Mindy is starring in a new indie film called Violet Tendencies. Basically, it’s a story about “the world’s oldest living fag hag” trying to find love. And to complicate matters, she wants someone who’ll not only wine, dine, and 69 her, but also someone who’ll provide as much entertainment value as her campy urban comrades.

At first glance, the movie looks pretty much like any other romantic comedy. We start with a central character who’s never found love because she’s too preoccupied. Subsequently, she finds it, questions it, loses it, and in the end (I’m guessing), totally gets it. And in between, there are lots of gay jokes. Pretty standard fare.

On the other hand, if we assume that trailers often feature the best clips of a movie, this one looks pretty damn good — at least better than, say, The Last Song. Which may not be saying much, but we’re talking about a summer film, and you know, I don’t really expect The Master and Margarita from a summer film.

Also appealing: the film has some personal resonance with me. Back in the day, I used to run with a fairly large gaggle of gays, and there were always a handful of women riding shotgun. Some came and went very casually, but a couple were die-hards. They were funny and pleasant, and they knew what they were getting into, but at the same time, I always felt a little embarrassed having them around. Guys would be making out on the sofa or talking about their giddy, new-found love, and…well, I was always taught that if you didn’t bring enough for everyone, you should leave it at home. Does that make sense?

Anyway, here’s the clip. Maybe the renovations to our downtown indie cinema will be completed by the time this one rolls into town.

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