Condom ads are funnier in other parts of the world…


…but does funny work? I mean, I’ve never had to market a condom, so I’m not sure which approach works best.

Presumably, condom ads are weighted toward the young, since they’re more likely to need education and encouragement to use them. I know that’s not a universal rule, and I know there are studies that show the HIV infection rate among seniors are rising faster than among younger people, precisely because seniors haven’t been educated. Still, I’d wager that condom companies target young people more often than not.

I guess what I’m curious about is: what sort of ad campaigns for condoms have been most successful, and have they leveraged humor, fear, or — as in my favorite spot — passion to get the point across?

If you know the answer, share it with the rest of the class. I’d look that shit up myself, but it’s Sunday, and I’m transcribing The Stepford Wives by hand. You know: priorities.

Advertising Agency: DLKW, UK
Creative Director:s Rj Warren, Paul Hancock
Art Director: Dylan Hewitt
Copywriter: John Comber
Illustrators: Ryca, Jimi Crayon, Teck 1, Alfa
Photographer: Angus Fraser

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