B.O. is the sweet smell of success and other news


1. No, seriously: B.O. Is The Sweet Smell Of Success. Thankfully, this is more innocuous than it sounds and has nothing to do with SJP.

2. Taco Bell Foundation for Teens Awards $1.8 Million to Teen Serving Organizations Fighting America’s High School Drop-Out Crisis. Which seems a little short-sighted, because without high school dropouts behind the register, where would the fast food industry be? But you know, good for them, doing the right thing.

3. Most understated headline of the day: A Hip-Hop Contest to Promote a Brand. If the New York Times really wanted to ramp up readership, it would’ve titled the article, If Auto-Tune Can’t Make You Sing, Maybe a Big Dick Can.

4. In hilarious but unsurprising news: Wynonna’s Next Release Available Exclusively at Cracker Barrel.

5. Finally, the trophy for Worst Ad of the Week goes to these guys:

“Your business just got easier”? As I recall from fourth grade (yes, we learned chess at my snooty elementary school and I was nerd enough to love it), this situation is at best a stalemate, and at worst, illegal. A king can’t move adjacent to another king, because that would, of course, put the first king in check, too. So basically, what we have here is an advertisement for shady business practices, and IMHO, businesses are shady enough without encouragement from magazines.

And as if that weren’t awful enough, there’s a companion ad that shows just how little these people understand the piano.

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