Maybe YOU have a great idea for BP’s new logo?


Greenpeace has launched a campaign to give British Petroleum a new logo. Isn’t that thoughtful? I mean, BP already has a logo that’s pretty and sparkly and green and kind of like a flower but also like the sun — maybe a sunflower? — but given the GIANT OIL SLICK that’s begun washing ashore here in Louisiana, Greenpeace thought BP could use something richer and more earthtoned and, you know, gross. It’s kind of like back in the 90s when everyone was revamping logos for t-shirts, except this time Greenpeace will make money from it.

Below, you’ll see the ad that appeared in yesterday’s Guardian to announce the campaign, and here’s a link to Greenpeace’s spiffy website, where you can see all the latest entries — and submit your own.

Good luck, graphic designers. When you have a second, maybe you could send down some Dawn dishwashing liquid and a sponge?

[via AnimalNewYork]

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