I am not a dancer…


…but I often wished I were.

Sadly, I don’t have the body for it — not for most of it. Sure, modern dance opened a lot of doors for men and women who didn’t fit the bill, who lacked Ballanchine bodies made of bone marrow and taut skin. Today, plenty of companies feature principals with entirely average figures, even fat figures, hurtling through space. But I see a good bit of dance — it’s kind of my thing — and personally, I think that certain bodies are more versatile than others. Not necessarily better, but they have a broader range.

Yesterday, Jonno posted a clip reminding me of that. Or at the very least, it reminded me how much I like watching dance. It’s a little gimmicky, and it’s a little long, and for most of you, it’s a lot NSFW, but here:

And also, one of my previous faves: a dodgy recording of “Strange Humors”, choreographed by former closepersonalfriend (and now artistic director for Alvin Ailey!) Robert Battle:

One thought on “I am not a dancer…

  1. Lui

    I admit I’ve always wanted pointe shoes but this made me want them even more (it also made me want to watch The Fifth Element since those costumes were oh-so-very Leeloo-esque.)


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